Capcovers has the solution
You may have many questions regarding the swimming pool covers that Capcovers manufactures. In order to help clarify your queries we have complied a list of the questions most frequently asked by our clients. If you have further questions or you’d like more information about any of these, please get in contact with us via telephone, email or the following form.
Is this automatic swimming pool cover safe?
Yes, it’s main function is to protect your family.
What materials are used in the pool covers?
Our covers are made of virgin PVC and have an interior mesh that lends a high degree of resistance to the fabric. Different on each side, the cover resists the aggression both of UVA rays and the chemical products in the water.
Will the cover help to heat the water of my pool?
It won’t help heat your pool, but it will maintain the temperature for longer, as the airtight seal helps prevent heat loss. the temperature may even rise between 2 and 5 degrees centigrade due to the greenhouse effect.
Will the cover extend the pool season?
Yes. The cover maintains the heat in the pool during the night and captures the sun rays during the day, so the bathing season will be longer. It will also help keep the water of your pool in perfect conditions for use.
Do I have to keep using maintenance products as I have done so far?
Yes, but the amount of chemical products required is almost halved with continued use of a CAPCOVERS.
What kind of guarantee does a Capcovers have?
CAPCOVERS pool covers have a 2 year guarantee.
What colours are available for the covers?
You can choose the colour of your covers from a range of five different colours: green, light blue, dark blue, or beige.
What happens when it rains on my cover?
Every swimming pool cover comes equipped with an automatic drain pump which removes rain water automatically.
What kind of cleaner do I need to keep the cover?
In principle the cover does not require the use of any specific chemical. Only with the help of water and a broom, you can leave your deck in optimal condition to continue to be used.
Will I be able to use the water purifier less often?
Yes indeed; you can save up to 60 % of the electricity costs usually associated with operating your purifying unit, as you will not have to filter the water for so long. This will also extend the life of your purifier and your pump.
Will the cover stop automatically?
Yes, thanks to its auto-stop seal, which has computerised sensors that automatically brake the cover during the opening and closing operations.
Can I avoid the cover being used in my absence?
Yes. Automatic covers are equipped with a key-operated switch. The key can be removed from the switch when you wish to prevent other people from using it.
Are the outer rails likely to hurt people's feet?
No, toptrack rails have no screws on the outside. In addition, due to their rounded shape and low height, they are no obstacle when it comes to accessing the pool.
Does my swimming pool, which is currently being built, have to be totally rectangular to suit the automatic Recessed Undertrack cover model?
No. The inside of an irregularly shaped pool can be adapted to cater for the Recessed Undertrack model by means of a series of alterations during the building work.
Is the electricity that supplies the automatic cover motors dangerous?
No. Standard electrical connections to the motor are only 24 V. CAPCOVERS also offers you the possibility of installing a hydraulic motor instead of an electric one (you may request information on prices from our offices).
What is the maximum pool width that can be covered by a Capcovers?
our pool can be protected with an automatic Capcovers provided that it is less than 9,80 metres wide.